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Bahamas Cheap Family Resorts

The Caribbean islands are all known for their beauty and exotic, clean beaches. But on the other hand, a lot of travelers have a notion that there are no cheap family resorts out there, especially at the Bahamas. As most rumors go, it is not entirely true. The Bahamas are a group of close to 700 islands, off the coast of Miami, north east from Cuba. It is here that Christopher Columbus first landed on ‘the new world’. It may not be considered as exotic as the neighboring Haiti, but as far as the economy goes, it is considered to be the third richest country of the Americas. Here are some of the cheap family resorts as well as a few of the ultimate resorts in Bahamas.

Bahamas Resort Ultimate Resorts In Bahamas | Cheap Family Resorts

There are many places to see and explore on the Bahamas, so finding a place to stay that is conveniently located is important.

Lodging may be a bit more expensive than you think so the best option is to go for a hotel or many of the cheap family resorts that are scattered all over the islands. Some of these can be gotten for as low as $75 a night. The prices on any of these cheap family resorts depend entirely on where they are located. There are places to stay starting all the way from the the center of towns all the way to the coast. The summer months, the warmest parts of the year are between June and October. So the rates may vary according to number of visitors as well. The cheap family resorts list will normally have:

  • Nassau – The capital city, is also the largest and most populous of the islands and has the highest number of cheap family resorts. If you plan on staying here, check out the West Wind Club, Breezes resort, the Wyndham Resort and Sandyport.
  • Paradise island- The most scenic part of the Bahamas, not very secluded and so there are a good number of cheap family resorts here as well. Paradise Island Harbor, Best Western Bay and the comfort suites.

The ultimate resorts in Bahamas

If you can stretch your budget a little more than  previously planned, there are also some luxurious places that you may want to check out. Here are a few of the ultimate resorts in Bahamas.

  • Bimini Bay Resort – The Bimini Bay resort is a luxury hotel that, apart from its rooms also has full scale ‘homes’, that come in one, two as well as three bedroom places.
  • The Cove Atlantis – An adults only hotel that is built atop what can be called the two most beautiful beaches in the world, revels in the majesty and beauty of nature and blends luxury in with it almost seamlessly. It is one of the ultimate resorts in Bahamas.
  • Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort – It is built on top of its own island, the couples only resort is an exclusive, luxury hotel that boasts of over seven pools, eight restaurants and a host of other amenities in every room of the hotel. If you are looking for a luxurious stay in the Bahamas, this hotel should definitely be on the list.

These are the best of cheap family resorts as well as the ultimate resorts in Bahamas, so whatever your budget is, you can surely find a nice place to stay and enjoy the ‘islands of shallow water’.

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PinExt Ultimate Resorts In Bahamas | Cheap Family Resorts

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