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PinExt Things to do in San Diego | California City Guide

Things to Do in San Diego

As any California city guide will doubtlessly inform you, there are countless things to do in San Diego. Its coastal location attracts adventurers from all parts of the United States and beyond. In fact, arguments arise over which to omit if one is there for a limited period of time. There are countless attractions to enjoy and regions to explore.

San Diego Things to do in San Diego | California City Guide

Every California city guide will inform you about the great number of activities possible, from seeing world famous attractions to a plethora of outdoor recreational activities. Among the list of many things to do in San Diego, the best activity is to laze and do nothing. Relax at any one of 70 stunningly beautiful beaches, the innumerable parks and pamper yourself at resorts. If you want quality Rest and Relaxation, then as any California city guide will tell you, there are many things to do in San Diego-or if you prefer, nothing at all.

As a recreational visitor, do remember that many things to do in San Diego cost zero cash. The California city guide lists a number of activities which you can do completely free. You do not have to spend a penny.

  • A quick read of the California city guide will tell you that all San Diego beaches are free to anyone who comes to enjoy themselves. You can surf and swim or collect sea-shells. Alternatively, you can just laze in the sun.
  • The California city guide will give information about La Jolla Cove. It is one of the high points of the many things to do in San Diego. Reach the place and enjoy its magnificent sunset. It is not for nothing that this place is nominated by many travelers as one of the most beautiful settings in earth.
  • The Seaport Village in San Diego can be visited for free entertainment. Window shopping and leisure stroll. Relax by lying on the grass and watch many sea faring vessels pass by on beautiful San Diego Bay. You can also enjoy the view while eating at any one of the restaurants or cafes thronging the shore.
  • The Gaslamp Quarter in central part is ideal for a stroll and is one of the many things to do in San Diego. Enjoy the sights of 19th century Victorian architecture. There are multiple boutiques, specialty shops and art galleries.
  • Go to Mission Bay Park and lie in the 4,600 acre area aquatic park. The Tecolate Shores have a number of grassy fields to relax. You can watch families flying kites.
  • Listen to free organ concerns usually held at 2:00pm at Spreckels Organ Pavilion located in the Balboa Park. This has the distinction of having one of the world’s biggest outdoor pipe organs. It is a landmark of the city from 1914. Organists play the traditional masterpieces and show tunes through the huge 32 foot pipes.
  • Visit the Old Town and see for yourself living legacy of the history of San Diego. You can move freely through the historic buildings of the Old Town, including Estudillo House, blacksmith shop, Seeley Stables and San Diego’s oldest schoolhouse.
  • Jog along the many trials of the Mission Bay Park. There are 20 miles of beautiful and scenic paths through which you can run. The shoreline and the sunlight makes an out of the world combination.
  • Go for a one hour drive along the scenic route to Mt. Laguna. When you reach there, jump out to walk and enjoy the fresh air whispering across the pines.
  • Take your picnic basket and go to Torrey pines State Beach. You can watch the daring hang gliders doing their tricks.

Whatever you age, San Diego will be a very happy experience for you. Indulge in retail therapy by visiting numerous restaurants and shops around the place.

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PinExt Things to do in San Diego | California City Guide

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