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PinExt Things To Do In Tampa Florida | Visit Tampa Bay

Things to Do in Tampa Florida

Thanks to its sunny weather, there is no dearth of things to do in Tampa, Florida. The warm weather means most of the activities are best enjoyed outdoors. Paddle boarding, dolphin cruises and canoeing are simply a few of the enjoyable activities you can do when you visit Tampa Bay. You can take a jaunty stroll down Tampa Riverwalk or the international standard golf courses. The many parks and innumerable wilderness areas are a far cry from the serenity you get when you visit Tampa Bay. The local galleries and museums offer a perfect refuge to escape into if you are tired of all the outdoor things to do in Tampa, Florida.

Tampa Florida Things To Do In Tampa Florida | Visit Tampa Bay

Unique Tampa

Before you make a list of things to do in Tampa, Florida, or even visit Tampa Bay, it is good to know the soul of the city. These are the things that make Tampa special.

  • Cigars – At one time in its history Tampa was considered the world’s cigar capital. This stems from the Latin culture at the formation period of this beautiful metropolis. Most of the cigar factories have shut shop, but a few soldiers on. Make seeing the hand roll of a custom cigar one of the things to do in Tampa, Florida.
  • Sports – Major sports teams of the city has tasted success in the recent past. Teams like National Football League Buccaneers, National Hockey League Lightning have achieved acclaim. With more than 300 days of glorious sunshine every year, it is natural that golf is a popular sport. You can visit Tampa Bay for water sports.
  • Weather - There are a number of enjoyable things to do in Tampa, Florida solely due to the subtropical climate. Winters are very comfortable. The city is, however, famous for its summer times. Thunderstorms occur in the afternoons and lightning is a frequent affair.
  • Water – For interesting things to do in Tampa, Florida, you must visit Tampa Bay and other coastal attractions. The beaches are some of the best in North America, and the fishing activities enjoyed in the rivers and lakes are fantastic. Cruise ships can be seen when you visit Tampa Bay, with the luxurious vessels moving in the Caribbean.

Adventures and attractions

A majority of people who come to Tampa make sure they visit Tampa Bay and the adjoining glorious beaches. However, as a local will tell you, there are a lot of other things to do in Tampa, Florida. Here are some other places you must visit.

  • Tampa Bay – The Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay is a stellar family attraction with its extreme roller coasters and fascinating creatures. It is an excellent theme park. The famed Adventure Island is located along side.
  • Tampa Bay History Center – This is an educational museum that both inspires and entertains its visitors. The history of the area is vividly illustrated through striking displays and interactive exhibits. If you are hungry, head to the Columbia Cafe serving up traditional Spanish and Cuban dishes.
  • Hillsborough River State Park – If you wish to see Florida in its natural state, drive to Hillsborough River State Park. You can do a whole lot of things in this park, beginning with primitive to full capacity camping. You can rent kayaks and canoes to enjoy the river downstream. There are a number of hiking trails and picnic areas.
  • Tampa Museum of Art – There are eight art galleries and all are stunning. The museum itself is a boldly designed architectural masterpiece having a superb collection of Roman and Greek antiquities. There are also 20th century sculptures. The museum shop sells souvenirs and unique gifts.

Tampa is a regular haunt spot for a number of national entertainment acts. The city has hosted the Super Bowl twice during the last 15 years. It is a great place for gatherings.

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PinExt Things To Do In Tampa Florida | Visit Tampa Bay

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