Hawaii Holidays | The Best Time To Travel To Hawaii

PinExt Hawaii Holidays | The Best Time To Travel To Hawaii

Hawaii happens to be a dream destination for vacationers who are planning to take a break from their busy schedules. You will come across tropical beaches spread across miles. There are a number of natural wonders like the blowholes, active volcanoes and lava beds in Hawaii. This place is best suited for people who are into activities like fishing, snorkeling, surfing etc. To experience the beauty of this place, you must know the best time to travel to Hawaii.

Visiting Hawaii in summer

Most of the people prefer travelling to holiday destinations in the summer months. They feel that they can make the best of their holidays in summers. If at all you are planning a holiday, summer is the best time to travel to Hawaii. Summer in Hawaii starts in the month of June and goes on till July. Families with children also prefer visiting during these times, as their kids are out of school on vacations. You may choose weekdays to visit important and noted places like the Pearl Harbor in Oahu and the road to Hana in Maui. In summer, you will be quite amazed to see that almost all the attractions and tours are open to the general public in Hawaii.

hawaii Hawaii Holidays | The Best Time To Travel To Hawaii

Avoiding the cold weathers

Throughout the year, weather in Hawaii is moderate. Even during the rainy season, which starts in November through March, it rains hardly for few hours. This makes it one of the best holiday destinations to the people of the US as they find it the best time to travel to Hawaii in order to escape the extreme cold weather up north. If you are the types who want to avoid crowds, you can think of visiting Hawaii in winters as against visiting in summers. The rise in the popularity of this place as a gateway in winter season has seen prices shoot up to summer levels at hotels, car renting and resorts.

Spring season

During spring season, you will find fewer crowds in Hawaii when compared to fall. The people visiting Hawaii get to experience the beautiful vegetation in the islands that come to life in colorful bloom and bursts. Hawaii happens to be a no-man’s land in the months of April and May for the tourists. Some people would have left their hometowns to visit Hawaii in order to avoid winters back home, while the families with school-age kids are yet to arrive. You will be amazed to see plenty of discounts and bargains during the spring season.

Best time to surf

If you are into surfing, then the best time to travel to Hawaii is during winter. You will be amazed to find a number of competitions in surfing in October-mid through April along the Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Big Island shores. Inclement weather unfortunately brings the huge waves, so it is common to see high winds, rain, and cancellation of events.

beach in hawaii1 Hawaii Holidays | The Best Time To Travel To Hawaii

Different activities and events in Hawaii

If you are into adventure and outdoor hiking, it may not be advisable to visit Hawaii in summer as it is too humid and warm. You may think of visiting in fall or spring, as it happens to be the best time to travel to Hawaii to hike and explore, if at all your trip includes visiting the lava fields and hiking the Big Island. You will find annual events, which happen all year round. In winters, whale watching happens to be a popular event, and this is when the whales migrate. The whales arrive in December and are there through the end of February or sometimes as late as mid March.

One of the known festivals is the Merrie Monarch. This happens in the month of April and is an event that goes for a week with lot of food, music, and hula exhibits and also is the best time to travel to Hawaii. Another big festival is the September Aloha festival Hawaii, with street parties of food and entertainment. If you love flowers, then you can go to Hawaii to watch the Hana Lei Floral show in the month of October and also the King Kamehameha floral show in the month of June. The Honolulu Marathon event also attracts over twenty five thousand people, many from outstation.

You will find great travel deals during the Thanksgiving week in Hawaii as the crowd is usually less. When planning your Hawaii trip, make sure you check the calendar to find out what events are currently taking place while you are there.

Offering and bargains

Once the schools start, you find very few people visiting Hawaii. This is when you can encash deals if you do not have school-going children at home. Hawaiian holidays after the Labor Day, from September to November, offer tourists a rare chance to visit the islands. The visitors need not be in long lines at famous attractions and there is hardly any traffic jam on the road to Hana and other exotic drives. You will find the best travel bargains in the fall which also makes it the best time to travel to Hawaii.

Changes in Hawaii

With the change in the patterns of economy and tourism in Hawaii, you will come across cheaper accommodation. Hawaiian hotels have the best deals as there is a slight downturn in the tourism industry there.  The recent developments have seen an addition of new flights to Hawaii by airlines like the Alaska Air and Hawaiian Airlines. Christmas or anytime in the year may be the perfect time to go for a fantastic Hawaii holiday.

Due to its interior valleys, mountain peaks and coastal plains, Hawaii is full of microclimates. Wet spots are mostly found in the Mount Waialeale in Kauai, whereas if you drive down few kilometers further, you will find Waimea Canyon, which is almost like a desert. Hilo, on the Big Island, is the wettest city in this nation, with rainfall of 180 inches a year.

Puako, which is away by just 60 miles, has below 6 inches of rain a year. Once you get on to the mountains, the climate changes from summer to winter within hours as it gets cooler at higher altitudes. So, if the climate does not suit you, just visit the other part of the island or head straight into the hills.

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PinExt Hawaii Holidays | The Best Time To Travel To Hawaii

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