Los Angeles Travel Tips | What Savvy Visitors Need to Know

PinExt Los Angeles Travel Tips | What Savvy Visitors Need to Know

Los Angeles Travel Tips

Before giving any Los Angeles travel tips, what savvy visitors need to know is that the city is composed of a number of unique and diverse neighborhoods. This makes it one of the more culturally beautiful metropolises in the United States. The city is saturated with Hollywood cliches but also has a number of renowned and stunning art galleries like The Getty Center and Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Los Angeles Los Angeles Travel Tips | What Savvy Visitors Need to Know

Any Los Angeles travel tips will invariably include the Santa Monica and the Malibu beach areas. These offer sun, surfing and sand. What savvy visitors need to know about exclusive waterfronts, then Venice Beach provides a closer view of the unique residents of the city. Do keep in mind that the city area is huge-encompassing 500 square miles- and touring the metropolis could turn out to be extremely tiresome.

There are a few Los Angeles travel tips what savvy visitors need to know. If they do not, then they may get stuck in a traffic jam on 405 and pay excessively for a hotel room.

Los Angeles travel tips to make you a smarter traveler

What savvy visitors need to know about Los Angeles is its weather.

  • Summers can be quite warm. However, cool weather can always be found on the beach during late afternoon.
  • There can be torrential rains during winters and a gloomy weather may occur during June. The sun is frequently obscured during weeks at that time. Do check the weather before you start your sight-seeing.
  • You can find the temperatures of different localities varying within LA itself. For example, Santa Monica can be 72 degrees Fahrenheit while Anaheim or Pasadena can be near 80 degree Fahrenheit.
  • You should spend smart and save money by using public transportation. To do this use fare comparison websites to find out the economical attractions, hotels and tours.

Other important things you must know before you start your travel around the city:

  • You should avoid 405 – This is one of the more important Los Angeles travel tips what savvy visitors need to know. This freeway appears to be a highway to hell, and vehicles seem to be always struck in a traffic jam. The worse thing is that these traffic jams can occur any time-whether during peak hours or in the middle of the night. The route is best avoided.
  • Select the best hotel as per your purpose – LA is a huge sprawling city and the ideal place to stay varies according to what you will be doing. Utilize the LA hotel guide and find out about the pros and cons of each metro area.
  • Know LA beforehand – Among all the Los Angeles travel tips what savvy visitors need to know, this is very important. As the city metropolitan area is a huge place and is spread over five counties, any wrong driving means you will spend a full day just to go from the north to the south of the city. The best way to do it is to mark their locations on any map and then visit it in groups or select a particular place to stay like the beach cities or Hollywood.
  • Beverly Hills and Hollywood – Hollywood has Walk of Fame, memorabilia from its past and the iconic footprints at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Do remember that all the major studios have relocated from here a number of years ago.
  • Visit the beach – Even if the sea is too cold for bathing, you can always laze in the sand. Join locals to watch volleyball games as you walk along beach side sidewalks in Rendondo Beach, Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach. You will enjoy the company of runners, roller blades and bicyclists.

Los Angeles is city with a delightful mix of lifestyles and cultures, and not every aspect in the city has to do with movies. However, it is impossible to avoid Hollywood culture entirely. There is always a film shoot going on wherever you look.

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PinExt Los Angeles Travel Tips | What Savvy Visitors Need to Know

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