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Attractions in Jeju Island

Jeju Island, located at the Korean peninsula’s southwest seas, is the largest island in Korea. It covers an area of 1,845 square kilometers and boasts of a mild climate, natural beauty, well-developed infrastructure and distinctive cultural traditions. Korean people often compare the island with Hawaii. Similar to Hawaii, Jeju Island was also a creation of volcanic eruptions. You can still find volcanic sands, soils and rocks in various parts of the island. Jeju has established itself as one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations in recent times. Here are some of the places you must visit on your trip to the natural paradise.

jeju island1 Jeju Island | Attractions & Places To Visit

Mt. Hallasan National Park

Hallasan is located almost 2000 meters above sea level and is South Korea’s highest mountain. It is also a dormant volcano at whose summit lays a lake crater. One of the ‘nature preservation zones’ in the country, the entire space is home to rare animal and plant species. Each season in the region presents a spectacular and different view. However, springtime is when Mt. Hallasan comes to life with the azaleas blooming away to glory.

The mountain is situated in Korea’s southernmost part, on the island. Clouds are found around the summit of the mountain while its peaks are snow-covered during winters, resembling a dreamy snowy kingdom. During October 1966, the mountain was made a Natural Monument due to the wide variety of animals, plants and their high academic values.

Mt Hallasan National Park 2 Jeju Island | Attractions & Places To Visit

Folklore and Natural History Museum

The Folklore and Natural History Museum in Jeju Island is home to natural historic items and folklore remains that were excavated during the 1980s. There are four exhibition halls in the museum – the Hall of Natural History, the Outdoor Exhibition, Exhibition Hall No. 1, and Exhibition Hall No. 2. The Hall of Natural History showcases primarily natural historical materials like flora and fauna, and marine soil, rocks and life of Jeju Island in 3D, giving visitors the opportunity to easily understand the island’s unique culture and nature.

Folklore and Natural History Museum Jeju Island | Attractions & Places To Visit

Halim Park

Halim Park is situated around 33 kilometers to the west of Jeju City. It lines up along the beach and is among the most frequently visited tourist locations on the island. The scenery from Halim Park is simply exquisite as it faces it Hyeopjae Beach, Geunmneung Beach and Biyangdo Island. The total area of the park covers almost 100,000 square meters. It has a host of gardens that look stunning every season. Bonsai Garden, Jeju Stone and Palm Tree Road are the notable attractions around Halim Park. Ssangyonggul and Hyeopjaegul Caves are the only remaining two-dimensional caves on the planet, making them the most popular tourist attractions nearby Halim Park.

halim park Jeju Island | Attractions & Places To Visit

Cheonjeyeon Waterfall

‘The Pond of God’, as it is also called, Cheonjeyeon Waterfall consists of three parts. Cold water pouring down from the ceiling of a cave located in the east creates the waterfall. Rare plants like ‘solipnan’ reeds can be found around its foot. The Cheonjeyeon Valley has the Seonimgyo Bridge and the Cheonjeru Tower – two other beautiful man-made creations that add immense value to Jeju Island.

jeju island Jeju Island | Attractions & Places To Visit

Seongeup Folk Village

The Seongeup Folk Village is situated at the base of Mt. Halla. It is a perfect preservation of Korean tradition, boasting of cultural property that cannot be found in other parts of the Island. Cultural properties like Confucian shrines, residential houses, olden government offices, fortress ruins, stone monuments and stone statues are a feature of the village. Native foods, folk plays and folk craftsmanship flourish in the Seongeup Folk Village. A few hours in this beautiful village will leave you feeling like you made a trip to the past! Tourists ensure that they visit the place so as to learn about the unique culture of Jeju Island. If history doesn’t amaze you to a great extent, the delectable dishes in the village will surely send your taste buds abuzz!

Seongeup Folk Village Jeju Island | Attractions & Places To Visit

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