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How to Find Room in Your Trip?

You may have never planned your travel, but have been lucky enough to get good accommodation wherever you go.  But things will not be same always. Now-a-days, with increase in the number of tourists visiting different places all over the world, travelling has become quite difficult with means such as aircrafts and trains going packed. It becomes even more difficult when you reach your destination to find that all the hotel rooms are booked.

If you know the local language it can be very helpful in such cases as you can ask for help. So, among the first things to do is learn simple phrase like ‘please find me a room,’ ‘where to find Hotel Room,’ ’where to get a bus,’ etc in the local language of the place you are visiting. Besides that, here are some tips that can really help you find accommodation easily.

find me a room Find A Room | Last Minute Tips

Do basic online research

Always do this preliminary research before travel, as internet is a plethora of information. You can get almost anything you need through the internet. Search for information about your preferred tourist destination, places, and maps and take a print out of the important ones. You can search the internet for rooms in your destination by words ‘find me a room’ in XYZ city.

Research the Destination

It is good if you can do some research on the lodging and boarding facilities available in the place. You can even book your travel and hotel rooms through the internet. Circle out your preferred hotels and attend your first preference first. Just check for the interesting places you should visit in that place and availability of rooms nearby. Google map can also come handy in searching for the nearest and the best hotel which fits your budget.


In case you are stranded, you may need some place to settle down. It is always better to keep address and number of the local Tourism Department in the place. You also need to get the address and number of local police stations for your safety.

stranded Find A Room | Last Minute Tips

Keep your bags safe

If there is cloak room, you can leave your luggage safely there till you come back from sightseeing or the like, especially when you have no place to stay.  If you could not find a cloak room or a room in the hotel, you can request the hotel receptionist that you will be back soon, get their number, and leave your luggage in a safe place. You can even request the receptionist in their local language – ‘find me a room.’ Hearing foreigners speak their language can delight them and do the trick of getting you accommodation too.

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PinExt Find A Room | Last Minute Tips

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Good information, this will help me how to find a room whenever I needed


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This is a very helpful tips for frequent travelers.

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