Disneyland Paris Attractions And Ride Guide | Disneyland Resort Paris

PinExt Disneyland Paris Attractions And Ride Guide | Disneyland Resort Paris

Disneyland Paris Attractions and Ride Guide

Disneyland Paris attractions and ride guide  is your ultimate list of all the most popular, must see, just cannot miss, rides and attractions in Disneyland Paris. Disneyland Paris is Europe’s most visited tourist site, overtaking the Eiffel tower in 2010. Disneyland Paris is not only the largest theme park in Europe, but it is the fourth largest in the world, only behind Disney World Florida, Disneyland California and Disneyland Tokyo. Like all other Disneylands, Disneyland Paris is humongous, expensive and almost perfect in every way imaginable. The rides are aplenty and all of them are open unless there is a less-than-expected crowd during the off-season. The entire park is impeccably clean and as legend goes, you will never see two of the same characters at the park at the same time.

Disneyland Paris Disneyland Paris Attractions And Ride Guide | Disneyland Resort Paris

Disneyland Paris theme parks

Disneyland Paris has two theme parks and all the rides are within these two parks. The tow parks are the Disneyland theme park and the Walt Disney Studio park. These two parks are further divided into five sub sections, our Disneyland Paris attractions and ride guide is here to take you through all of the rides and create a conclusive list of the rides and sections in Disneyland Paris.

  • Fantasiland: This is the first section in the Disneyland Theme park. The best rides in this section are Snow White, Pinocchio’s journey, Peter Pan themed ride and Alice’s Curious Labyrinth
  • Discoveryland: This is the second section of the theme park, centered around characters from popular Disney movies. The Buzz light year ride and Captain Nemo’s Nautilus Submarine are the ones you cannot miss.
  • Adventureland: Probably the most sought out section and a Disneyland Paris attractions and ride guide pick of the theme park. Adventureland has rides from the hugely successful movie franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones among others.
  • Frontierland: These are the rides built around the magical lands and landscapes made popular in Disney movies.
  • Main street USA: A small section that brings ‘the American Way’ to Europe. The wild west and the USA of the past century can be seen and experienced here.

Walt Disney Studios Park

These are entirely movie centric and are more shows and attractions than rides. This section is built like a movie set. If there ever was or could be any place where you can see your favorite cartoons come to life, it is here. The five sections and the Disneyland Paris attractions and ride guide favorites are the Animagique and the Cinemagique. The magic of cinema as seen through the eyes and minds of the makers of some of the most iconic and universally loved movies and shows in the history of film. Disney is in the forefront of animation and animatronic innovation and this section is all about that.

This section is also famed for the Toon studio and the Production courtyard, where visitors can come get a peek behind the curtains and see with what goes into making the movies, rides and attractions. This is organized as a tour on a mini tram that goes slowly through the works. This is also the section where the Toy Story playland is located. Watching the movies has left a definite mark in every heart and it all comes to life here.

Disneyland Paris attractions and ride guide recommends that you spend at least two days in Disneyland Paris to get the full experience and to cover as much as possible in this list.

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PinExt Disneyland Paris Attractions And Ride Guide | Disneyland Resort Paris

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