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PinExt Why You Should Visit Barcelona | The Best In Spain

Why you should visit Barcelona

The second largest city which is also considered the best in Spain with its verdant beaches and vibrant culture gives an important reason as to why you should visit Barcelona during your visit to Europe. The city gained prominence after it conducted the Olympic Games in 1992 which brought in tourists who could never get enough of its enchanting architecture, climate and variety of food options on offer. This fourth most visited tourist spot in Europe is so popular that at most times there are more tourists than local residents in this city.

Barcelona Spain Why You Should Visit Barcelona | The Best In Spain

This beautiful city is a must see on every European tourist’s list as it has interesting things for everyone like wide beaches, old architecture, scenic parks and picturesque aquariums and of course a wide choice of cuisine for the foodie traveler.

Here are a few important reasons why you should first visit Barcelona on a European tour before going anywhere else. If you are a tourist who likes to take in the sights and smells of every place instead of making a cursory visit then it would be best to walk through Barcelona and try out its street food which is the best in Spain.

  • Historical sites - The buildings in Barcelona are a feast for the eyes among which the Barri Gothic a medieval structure is the best in Spain. For people on the lookout for unusual structures with a mix of beauty and architecture, the Casa Battlo and Cathedral of Santa Eulalia will whet the appetite of even the most seasoned traveler. Besides these a tourist should include the Park Guelle, Castle De Montjuic, crypt of Colonia Guell, Olympic Stadium and Arc de Triomf in their itinerary.
  • Interesting food joints – For tourists who have never tasted tapas in their life coming to Barcelona and trying the Basque tapas with pintxos and melted mango provolone will make them realize that these are the best in Spain. The Euskal Etxea is the best place to try them as their pintoxos with chicken tempura and mayonnaise is priceless. The tasty vermouth that is provided with tapas in bars like Bar Calders and La Pepita provides another good reason why you should visit Barcelona. Indulge your sweet tooth at Barcelona’s numerous confectionery shops and munch on cooked candies, artistic bonbons and other handmade pastries and cakes.
  • Treat for music lovers – If you have time to enjoy music and culture of Europe then the music venues of Spain are as good as anywhere in the continent. Besides the wondrous Razzmatazz and Apollo, the main reason why you should visit Barcelona as a music lover should be to view the Gran Teatre del Liceu. The splendor of its main building decorated in gold leaf with ornate carvings and plush carpets is a sight to behold which is only comparable to the L’ Auditori a modern building for jazz concerts and music performances. Visitors can go to the international music festivals and enjoy the Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona and Sonar along with Primavera Sound among others which are the best in Spain.
  • Ideal climate for relaxation – The Mediterranean climate of Barcelona is ideal for sun bathing or relaxing besides a calm sea under the shade of a beach umbrella. Average summer temperature is 30 degrees and medium temperature between November to April at 15 degrees which is why you should visit Barcelona and enjoy its shopping and food for an ideal end to your European holiday.

Barcelona has a great nightlife and tourists who want to try out the best clubs in town can hit Sala Apolo or Sidecar for a few drinks and great music. Visitors have a great choice of DJ music from indie rock to funk and hip-hop along with Barcelona’s unique rock music too.

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PinExt Why You Should Visit Barcelona | The Best In Spain

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