Tour de France and Accommodation

PinExt Tour de France and Accommodation

Tour de France

Tour de France is known world over as the ultimate bicycle race. The competitors are among the best cyclists on the planet, and the race is the longest bicycling event as of now. This year’s race will start on the first of July and will go on till the 23rd. The competitors will cover a gruelling 3,540 kilometres and will cover 21 stages through the race.

Tour de france accommodation Tour de France and Accommodation

The race

The race is split up into 21 stages in all. They are made up of 9 stages covering flat ground, 5 hill stages, 5 mountain stages that include high altitude finishes, and 2 individual time trials. In the entire race, there will be only 2 rest days for the competitors. There will be 23 mountain climbs this year.

2017 will be 104th race in the history of the Tour de France and racers will visit four countries including France. The race extends this way after nearly 25 years. The last time Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg were involved in the race was in 1992. The race starts at Düsseldorf on the 1st of July and goes briefly through Belgium after which the racers are transported to Luxembourg and the race takes the long trip through most of the French countryside and end up in Marseilles and then the racers will be flown to Paris where the final time trial will end on the 23rd July.

The competitors

The 2017 version of the La Grande Boucle will have a total of 18 teams that are the top tier world tour races. All of them will be invited and they are all contracted to participate. Apart from the top 18, there are also 4 wildcard teams this year that puts the total tally to 22 teams. Each team has 9 members, so there will be a grand total of 198 cyclists actively competing.

In all, this year’s Tour de France will be a memorable, gruelling, and immensely competitive race. The best way to see the race will be at the venues. While most of the race will be through the country, and it is not possible to ride alongside the cyclists, it makes sense to be at the finishes, the podium and the start. So how will you organise a tour centred around ‘The Tour’?

Where to go, what to do 

Chasing the Tour de France is one of the best ways to experience the race. The mountains are popular spots where thousands of people gather to watch the cyclists speed by, especially in the Alps and Pyrenees. Here are a few stages that you absolutely must see live, at the event.

  • Stage 5 Vittel to La Planche des Belles Filles

Stage 5 section of the race will pass through the Vosges and will have a finish after a short, but steep climb. This section normally comes well into the race where it has been quite decisive so far. The team that takes this podium is normally touted to win the yellow jersey. Comin in on day 5 means riders will still be fresh and energetic, this finish will steer this year’s Tour.

  • Stage 13 – Saint-Girons to Foix

A relatively short stage, this one only extends to about 100 km. It falls on Bastille day this year and it is a great opportunity for aggressive riding. A few short bursts of steeps and down hills will make the stage exciting to watch.

  • Stage 20 – Marseilles

Effectively the end of the race, the Marseilles stage is a time trial that will see the competing teams wrap up the race before being flown to Paris for the finale. While the closing 23 km in Paris is a must see, the Marseilles stage is where every team will be giving it their all, shaving seconds and fighting with all their might.


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PinExt Tour de France and Accommodation

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