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PinExt Top 5 Popular Events In Paris | Family Tourist Guides

Top Five Popular Events in Paris

Any good family tourist guide will cover Europe extensively and every one of them is sure to have Paris in the itinerary. It is, after all, the city of love and the city of lights and has to be visited at least once by any avid traveler. So if you are on the way to Paris, or are making plans to visit, be sure to check out this Family tourist guide listing for the top 5 popular events in Paris that you cannot miss.

Events in Paris Top 5 Popular Events In Paris | Family Tourist Guides

  • January – The Circus of Tomorrow

The world’s most talented and best circus artists have a fair in the month of January in the city every year. They are second only to the Cirque du Soleil and there are participants from all corners of the globe participating in a friendly competitive environment. The cirque de Demain as it is known is also a proving ground where many of the biggest circuses look for new talent here. Held at the Pelouse de Reuilly, this fair happens on one of the weekends on January, it is for these reasons why the it finds a place on the family tourist guide- top 5 popular events in Paris.

  • February – Book Fair

This is one of the world’s most famous flea markets and is centered around used books and attracts a lot of used books dealers and antique sales men. Get ready to haggle and bargain as much as you possibly can as the charm of old used and rare books is still alive and well here in Paris. It is not just the old books, but also the sheer number of items that are brought here to be sold and it is why it takes a place on the top 5 popular events in Paris. The fair happens at the 5th arrondissement close to the Panthéon.

  • May – Nuit des Musees

This is a relatively new attraction but sees wide participation. For one night in the month of May, all the galleries and museums will remain open between 1900 hrs and 0100. It has been done to create a greater awareness about the art and culture that the city is famous for. It takes a place on the top 5 popular events in Paris, not just because it celebrates art, but also because the entire festival is completely free. The debates, exhibitions and lectures are also a value addition that puts it on the family tourist guide list.

  • August – Concert Month

Music is a big part of Parisian life and so no family tourist guide of the top 5 popular events in Paris can ever be complete without mentioning the concerts in August. There are roughly four to five major music events ranging from the Bercy Village, Rock en Seine, the Cinema in plein air, Pianissimo Jazz Festival and many others. If you are in Paris this time of year, these cannot be missed.

  • December – Christmas Market

December is that time of the year where everyone is in a festive mood, waiting for Christmas as   well as the biggest party of them all, New year’s Eve, but in the first half of the month, the Champs-Elysées will open up the biggest Christmas market of the year where the shopping is expansive. The markets have been around since the 14th century and are highly sough after.

So here it is, the ultimate guide to the major events around the year all over Paris. Apart from these events there are also the St. Patrick’s day parade, the Tango festival, the Féte de la Musique and the three month long Autumn festival. They also draw huge crowds and are definitely worth checking out while you spend your time in Paris.

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PinExt Top 5 Popular Events In Paris | Family Tourist Guides

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