Singapore Zoo | How To Create A Memorable Family Experience

PinExt Singapore Zoo | How To Create A Memorable Family Experience

Visit the Singapore Zoo

If you’re looking to make the most of your family vacation, there is nothing like a visit to the zoo that would guarantee you some quality time with the entire family. You get to observe funny and interesting animals, while the kids learn more about wildlife. Even your family vacation at Singapore can be made complete by a trip to the Singapore Zoo.

Singapore zoo photo Singapore Zoo | How To Create A Memorable Family Experience

About the zoo

Stretching across 69 acres of land, the Singapore Zoo has a lot to offer visitors. There are over 300 different species of animals including white tigers, elephants, white rhinos, and mandrills. The animal exhibits are divided into several sections including exhibits that display the pygmy hippos, naked mole rats, sun bears, otters, and orangutans.

Aside from the various animal exhibits, there are several zones with a specific theme inside the zoo. For instance, you get to visit zones like the Australian Outback zone, the Wild Africa zone, the Reptile Garden, the Frozen Tundra zone, and many more. One of the popular zones is the Fragile Forest, which transports you to the world of rainforests and the various creatures that live there.

Inside the Fragile Forest, you may even get the chance to encounter the Malayan flying fox, the two-tailed sloth, or even the ring-tailed lemur. For those who are enticed by the world of exotic plants, the Tropical Crops and Orchid Garden offer an extensive collection of tropical fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

The zoo also has a kids’ section that provides fun activities and exhibits such as the Wet Play area, the Kampung House, and the Animal Friends Show. It is likely that your kids won’t get bored during a visit to this zoo.

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Night Safari

The Night Safari is one of the highlights of the Singapore Zoo, giving you the opportunity to observe nocturnal animals in their habitats. A guided tram ride will take you through 7 different geographical zones of the world. Drive through the Himalayan Foothills where you might get the chance to encounter the markhors, known for being the largest in the wild goat species.

A drive through the Indian Subcontinent takes you through the territory of predators like the striped hyenas. The Equatorial Africa zone takes you through the naturalistic habitats of the endangered scimitar onyx. The Nile hippos can also be found in this region of the zoo.

night safari Singapore Zoo | How To Create A Memorable Family Experience

Tips for visiting the zoo

Exploring the Singapore Zoo takes time due to its multitude of exhibits and activities. It would do you good to start early while the weather is cool, so you get to see the animals while they’re awake and not drowsy from the warm mid-day weather. In fact, you might want to start early enough to get the time to enjoy ‘Breakfast with Orangutans’.

There is a lot of walking involved while exploring the zoo, so it is recommended that you start fresh and get plenty of sleep the night before. If you’re visiting during the rainy season, make sure you take along some rain gear.

With lots of opportunities for your kids to learn more about wild animals, a visit to the Singapore Zoo is a must during a vacation in Singapore. In fact, the fun animal exhibits and activities at the zoo might even bring out the inner child in you and give you an experience to remember.

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PinExt Singapore Zoo | How To Create A Memorable Family Experience

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