Prague Holiday Ideas | Short Stay Visit

PinExt Prague Holiday Ideas | Short Stay Visit

Things to do While on a Holiday in Prague

To any world traveler, Prague holiday ideas will bring to the mind’s eye the city’s beautiful cathedrals, church domes, and the ethereal swans swimming at the Vltava River. If you are planning a short stay visit to Prague, make sure that you do not miss out on these beautiful sites. The medieval city has emerged almost unscathed through the two world wars and is a wonderful mix of walled courtyards and cobbled lanes. No wonder, Prague is regarded as one of Europe’s most beautiful and charming metropolises. Here are some spots and things to do in Prague that you just cannot miss out on while on a holiday here.

Prague Holiday Prague Holiday Ideas | Short Stay Visit

  • Prague Castle: This destination is a must if you are in the city for a short stay visit. It ticks off as one of the compulsory places to visit in all Prague holiday ideas. Prague Castle, although more than 1,000 years old (it was supposedly built in 880AD), has been modified and refurbished multiple times in its history. The medieval fortification is considered an architectural riddle. The Prague Castle continues to be the residence of the head of state. The highlight, St. Vitus Cathedral, suddenly appears in front of the visitor, taking the breath away.
  • Charles Bridge: Any well planned Prague holiday idea must include a visit to the Charles Bridge. Even if you are on a short stay visit, make sure you visit the sole “only-land” link connecting the castle grounds to the rest of the metropolis. The best time to visit the place is just before dawn. Sit on the banks of the river and watch the first rays of the sun slowly lighting up the bridge. If you walk down to the bridge, you will pass the baroque statues that lines up the stone alleys.
  • Eat at the U Modre Kachnicky: Whether you are on a short stay visit or a longer one, do visit this restaurant for a delicious meal. U Modre Kachnicky specializes in duck delicacies and one glance at the menu is enough to make you give in to the temptation. After all, the best Prague holiday ideas cannot come on an empty stomach, can they?

Prague u modre kachnicky Prague Holiday Ideas | Short Stay Visit

  • Traverse the Bohemian Kings’ coronation route: This is one of the most beautiful of Prague holiday ideas. You can incorporate this idea even if you are on a short stay visit to the city. To go along the coronation route you must start walking from the base of the Powder Tower. As its name signifies, it was used as a repository of gun powder. Walk on towards the Old Town Square or Staromestske Namesti via Celetna Street. The House of the Black Madona is halfway along the route. It is one of the earliest Cubist architectural buildings in the metropolis. If possible, reach the Old Town Square at noon to enjoy the complete demonstration by the Orloj-a famed astrological clock tower. After you have finished your lunch, enter the Karlova, a narrow alley and walk to the Charles Bridge.
  • Climb the Petrin Observation Tower: It is inspired by The Eiffel Tower in Paris and is 27 meters higher. The view from the top is spectacular.
  • Sip beer at The First Beer Tram: A themed restaurant where you can drink quality Czech beer. It is served in a public transport system and the menu is refreshed every week and new varieties are added

Visiting these places and doing these interesting things will ensure that you have a fruitful visit and an adventurous holiday in Prague.

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PinExt Prague Holiday Ideas | Short Stay Visit

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