Popular Travel Spots In Nyköping, Sweden

PinExt Popular Travel Spots In Nyköping, Sweden

Travel spots around Nyköping, Sweden

The quaint Swedish locality of Nyköping attracts visitors from around the world due to its historic background. In fact, it was among the most significant towns in Sweden during the middle-ages. The array of historical sites and magnificent monuments are among the top travel spots in Nyköping, Sweden. The beautiful landscape of this town is a great source of inspiration for photographers and artists so don’t forget to pack your best camera.

Besides the scenic views and picturesque countryside, this town can offer you a memorable experience with its horse-back riding activities and shopping opportunities. You can even go for a guided wildlife tour, which gives you the opportunity to encounter red deer, elk, and other wildlife. Nyköping is easily accessible from other areas like Ostra storgatan, where you can find several shopping centers. Let’s help you plan your itinerary by giving you a list of the top travel spots in Nyköping, Sweden.

Nykoping Sweden Popular Travel Spots In Nyköping, Sweden

The Nyköping Castle

One of the landmarks that have made Nyköping famous is the Nyköping Castle. They began constructing this castle toward the latter parts of the 12th Century. This was followed by a number of expansions, reconstructions, and improvements by different rulers. The castle made its name in history due to the horrific event that took place in 1317. It was in this castle that the Nyköping Banquet was held and the two brothers of King Birger–Dukes Valdemar and Eric were imprisoned. The Nyköping Castle now serves as a prominent tourist attraction and museum. The banquet hall and the Queen’s cellar have been turned into restaurants.

Nykoping Castle Popular Travel Spots In Nyköping, Sweden

Sörmland Museum

Although the Sörmland museum does not display many permanent exhibits, there is a number of interesting temporary art exhibits you can feast your eyes on. You can also find a few permanent exhibits that will help you get a glimpse of Sweden during the middle-ages. This museum is a part of the old Castle and attracts hundreds of visitors throughout the year. The Sörmland museum also takes on the preservation and study of Nyköping cultural history and is considered one of the top travel spots in Nyköping, Sweden.

Sormlands museum Popular Travel Spots In Nyköping, Sweden

All Saints Church

The All Saints Church, also known as Allhelgonakyrkan, is among the top travel spots in Nyköping, Sweden. It attracts students of history and architecture from various places because of its remarkable features. The construction of this church began in the 13th Century, after which there was a reconstruction done during the 17th Century. The church boasts of exquisite interiors including a reredos from the 17th Century and a triumphal cross from the 15th Century.

All Saints Church Popular Travel Spots In Nyköping, Sweden


The river Nyköpingsån is an iconic landmark of Nyköping. It runs almost 100 miles (157 km) and ends in the Baltic Sea. It also passes through other major towns in Sweden including Katrineholm and Vingaker. Aside from the pleasant view you can get of this river, you can even go fly fishing here. The river Nyköpingsån offers a great spot for fishing salmon and trout. Visitors even come to this river because of its rapids that offer a great opportunity for white river rafting.

Nyköpingsån Popular Travel Spots In Nyköping, Sweden

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