One Night in Paris | Dinner And Dance

PinExt One Night in Paris | Dinner And Dance

Things to do in One Night in Paris

Spending just one night in Paris can be more thrilling than your average vacation. Paris has so many incredible attractions that just one experience is enough to last you for a life time. The city is rich in culture and history and has something to offer for everyone. Spending one night in Paris is a very romantic idea but you should be sure to choose the right option to make your trip worthwhile.

Moulin Rouge – Dinner and dance

It is one of the most famous attractions in Paris and it offers a spell binding show with around a 100 artists, including the world famous ‘Doris Girls’. Performers in costumes festooned with sequins, glitter, and feathers made from top quality Parisian workshops are a treat to the eyes.

You can take your entertainment up a notch by enjoying dinner with a superb menu offering delicious French food and amazing wine. If you are new to Paris, it is good to take a tour to the Moulin Rouge and enjoy the ‘Feerie’ show to spend your one night in Paris in style.

paris One Night in Paris | Dinner And Dance

Illumination cruise along Seine River

Paris is not known as the city of lights for nothing. At night, Paris is transformed into a whole new world and what is a better way to see this transformation than by cruising along the waters of the Seine River? You can see many Parisian landmarks illuminated dramatically against the night sky. This wonderful experience can be enjoyed alone, with your partner or with your whole family. You can board the boats from the Bateaux Parisians point. A good guide will take you to see the most beautiful landmarks in Paris through tours that are available daily.

Eiffel Tower dinner and cruise

What better way to spend your one night in Paris than enjoying a pleasant dinner on the first floor of the biggest attraction in Paris- the Eiffel Tower. Overview of the City of Lights from the Eiffel tower along with delicious food is sure to take your breath away. The dinner can be followed by a drive through the city to enjoy Parisian monuments from a little up close.

Other than these, there is the Louvre museum, art galleries and shopping options to send your one night in Paris. But if you don’t want to spend too much money, you can just take a stroll down Paris’s lanes or walk with the Seine River and see the waters reflecting the beautiful city.

eiffel tower One Night in Paris | Dinner And Dance

Best hotels in Paris

Paris has such fascinating attractions that the experience of one night in the city is enough to last you for a life time. Booking a room at the hotel of your choice in the city is easy at our website which lists over 1800 hotels in Paris. Be it a contemporary styled hotel like Le Meurice in Rue De Rivoli, or the less expensive Radisson Blu Ambassador Hotel Paris Opera at Boulevard Haussmann, you can book them all at the  The cost of a rooms you can find here starts from as low as $150 per night, and can go as high as a few thousands. For a comfortable stay in the city’s best hotels, make your booking now.

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PinExt One Night in Paris | Dinner And Dance

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