New York Bargain Shops | Travel Guide To Shopping In New York

PinExt New York Bargain Shops | Travel Guide To Shopping In New York

Indulge in Guiltless Shopping at New York Bargain Shops

The large number of New York bargain shops make shopping in New York a fun and relatively inexpensive affair. So if you are heading off to NY for a holiday, and wish to indulge in some major shopping, the New York bargain shops are definitely the place for you. While many people perceive New York to be an expensive destination, the fact is that you only need to know the areas where you can go to do some budget shopping in New York.

Here are some places that you must visit while shopping in New York city

  • A great choice at Diamond District: If you want to buy diamonds, gold, precious gems, and fine jewelry, the Diamond District is the the best place to go. Situated on W.47th St between Sixth and Fifth Avenues, it has a number of New York bargain shops that are run by Hasidic Jews, who are well known for selling diamonds. Diamond District is one of the cheapest destinations for jewelry shopping in New York. Here, you can buy an emerald ring at less than a fifth of the price of a similar ring sold at Tiffany’s. But before you indulge in such budget shopping, it is best that you know at least a thing or two about jewelery, and how to distinguish between real and fake diamonds. Read up as much as you can find about precious stones before you take out your purse. Remember that the stores here are open only on weekdays. And if you are out for some precious stone shopping in New York, you should visit the place between 10am and 5pm.

diamond district New York Bargain Shops | Travel Guide To Shopping In New York

  • Orchard Street – the place for crazy shoppers: If you are crazy about boutiques, go down the subway and hop onto train that takes you to Orchard Street in the center of the Lower East Side. Run to Bed Freedman, an old world establishment, that sells cheap belts and ties. The area has many leather shops as well. Visit Grace Bags for replica handbags that are of good quality. It is possible to buy a decent handbag for about $10. If you love brands, go to Altman’s Luggage or Fine & Klein for discounted branded accessories. Do not be afraid to haggle while at Orchard Street. If you are new to the place and are not sure where to go, make sure you buy a shopping guide from the Lower East Side Visitor Center.
  • A range of apparel at Daffy’s: If you love to buy clothes, then you will love the wide range of apparel available at New York bargain shops. Many people go gaga over the different kind of clothes available while shopping in New York.. If clothes are the priority on your shopping list, we suggest that you head for Daffy’s. Daffy’s is a very prominent store among New York bargain shops that sell clothes of great quality and new designs. You can take all the time you want to pick and choose so that you get yourself that perfect outfit.

Daffy new york New York Bargain Shops | Travel Guide To Shopping In New York

  • Sample Sales for inexpensive quality goods: While shopping in New York one thing that you just cannot afford to miss are the sample sales where designer merchandise of the earlier year is sold at a fraction of the price. These sales go on through the entire year. At these sales you can get silk scarves worth $60 for just $15! To find out where such sales are going on, all you need to do is go through the shopping section of the New York Metro Website. Sale picks are updated there daily. So if you are heading to New York to do some serious shopping, you need not worry about your budget. The various sales and bargain shops will let you indulge in some guiltless shopping!

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PinExt New York Bargain Shops | Travel Guide To Shopping In New York

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