Melbourne Travel | The Hottest Tourist Spots In Australia

PinExt Melbourne Travel | The Hottest Tourist Spots In Australia

The Hottest Tourist Spots in Australia

The hottest tourist spots in Australia range from the modern cultural capital city of Melbourne to the ancient and sacred aboriginal Dreamtime legends, interspersed with scorched deserts, coral reefs and rainforests. Australia is the biggest island in the world and the smallest continent. Whether you are an active globe trotter or an armchair traveler, it deserves a visit.

Melbourne Travel Melbourne Travel | The Hottest Tourist Spots In Australia

Melbourne: The city to start it all

To explore this land of stunning beauty and beautiful contrast, you can start with Melbourne. It is Australia’s second biggest metropolis and the capital city of Victoria state. Any Melbourne travel is enlivened by its rich culture and Victorian era architecture. This culturally conservative city has a number of cultural institutions like theaters, museums and art galleries. Any visitor doing the classic Melbourne travel circuit will immediately notice the spacious gardens and the landscaped parks that dot the city. The life of this throbbing metropolis is provided by its multicultural population.

Melbourne travel is made easier by a superbly efficient transit network. Its elegant streetscapes and a mix of old and modern architecture makes it a visual stunning human conglomeration. For anyone doing the Melbourne travel circuit, the sheer number of quality restaurants is an eye opener. You can dive in to the best global gastronomic experiences.  No Melbourne travel can be complete without visiting the fashionable cafes dotting the city serving exotic coffees and teas from around the globe.

Sydney Opera House

This iconic building is a fixture on the Australian tourist circuit and is undoubtedly one of the hottest tourist spots in Australia. The architecture of the building is like billowing sails or huge shells and it is a UNESCO World Heritage structure.

  • The structure is surrounded by water on three sides
  • The Royal Botanic Gardens form its southern border
  • You can enjoy a delicious meal at the many restaurants inside the building
  • Do take photographs. The best place is to take a snap from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair in Royal Botanic Gardens
  • You can take a harbour cruise

Great Barrier Reef

It can be seen from space and is one of the hottest tourist spots in Australia. It is actually a living structure and is made of 600 continental islands and 3,000 coral reefs. There are also a number of inshore mangrove islands and 300 coral rays. The Great Barrier Reef is one of seven wonders of natural world and extends fort about 2,300 kilometers along the Australian east coast.

  • Ideal place to dive and snorkel
  • You can see hard and soft corals along with giant clams, dugongs, rays, turtles and sharks. More than 1,600 tropical species of fish are found here.
  • Non-swimmers can see the reef from glass bottomed boats and underwater viewing stations

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Another one of the hottest tourist spots in Australia, it is situated in the heart of the continent. Uluru was formerly known as Ayers Rock and the stunning red monolith crowns the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. It is a World Heritage Area. Uluru translates into “shadowy place” in local aboriginal dialect. The park is also home to dome shaped red rocks known as Kata Tjuta. Do employ aboriginal guides for an authentic experience.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Undoubtedly another one of the hottest tourist spots in Australia, it is one of the nation’s famous icons. Australians have nicknamed it “the Coathanger”and is the world’s biggest steel arch bridge.

  • Sydney Harbor Bridge finished construction in 1932
  • It rises 134 meters above Sydney harbor
  • The bridge span is 500 meters, connecting the city’s central business district to the north shore
  • The bridge has eight lanes to accommodate road traffic and two railway lines
  • You can walk the full length of the bridge

Australia offers everything- stunning coastal views, outback wilderness, rugged mountain peaks, ski slopes and vineyards. All attractions can be easily accessed.

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PinExt Melbourne Travel | The Hottest Tourist Spots In Australia

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