Honolulu Popular Travel Spots | Hawaii Ultimate Vacation

PinExt Honolulu Popular Travel Spots | Hawaii Ultimate Vacation

Honolulu Popular Travel Spots

Your Hawaii ultimate vacation is incomplete without a visit to the capital city Honolulu that is nestled in the lush Oahu island. While Honolulu is replete with the signature Pacific holiday line-up such as a slow-paced lifestyle, soothing breeze, and manicured beaches, it has something to offer for the thirsty traveler as well, who wishes to dig deep into the city’s culture and fascinations on their Hawaii ultimate vacation. Here are five Honolulu popular travel spots that can make your Hawaii ultimate vacation memorable!

  • Iolani Palace:Established in the 1880’s the Iolani palace stands tall, reminiscent of Italian Renaissance as the sole royal palace throughout the US. Visitors can catch a glimpse of the elaborate ornate décor and the exquisite furnishing in its throne room. Step into its galleries to appreciate its enviable collection of mystic artifacts and jewels from France and India, and the Kingdom of Hawaii’s coat of arms. What makes this palace exotic is it’s architecture has a tinge of influence from various cultures, from the inclusion of Hawaiian furnishings, Greek sculptures, Chinese crystals and French carvings.
  • Pearl Harbor: Ranking at the top of Honolulu popular travel spots, don’t be surprised if you find people lining up at this tourist hotspot right from the crack of dawn. Th heart of this tour is the Arizona memorial that peacefully stands on the sunken vessel that witnessed the death of over 1177 sailors during the Japanese attack in 1941. By its side is Mighty Mo or the USS Missouri, which happens to be one of the only ships that fired during the 1st Gulf War and WWII. The Japanese empire is believed to have surrendered on Mighty Mo’s decks by Tokyo Bay. The Pacific Aviation museum is another interesting visit that you cannot afford to miss on your Hawaii ultimate vacation.

Honolulu Hawaii Honolulu Popular Travel Spots | Hawaii Ultimate Vacation

  • Waikiki Beach:A favorite among Honolulu popular travel spots, the Waikiki beach is perfect to get that gorgeous sun tan or to learn to ride the waves! The crescent-shaped beach is set in the southern part of the Oahu island. The beach can be appreciated from the realms of the inactive volcano in the Diamond Head landscape. An ocean-facing street by Waikiki  has shops and boutiques filled with Koa wood furnishings, jewelery, hand-crafted musical instruments (carved out of koa) and hand-batiked (unique) clothes with Hawaiian patterns and designs.
  • Diamond Head State Monument: The Diamond Head is a state park with a trail that stretches to about eight  miles, with lighted tunnels, sets of switchbacks and stair sections. While the view once you reach the top is undeniably breathtaking, the core of the crater has a dry hot constitution with barely any vegetation which could make the climb quite challenging for novice hikers. Needless to say the fleeting views of the Waikiki coast and the turquoise waters offshore can make the drill worthwhile.
  • Hanauma Bay:  Make the Hanauma Bay a must-visit among Honolulu popular travel spots on your Hawaii ultimate vacation, as it  is a snorkelers paradise! Fortified by volcanic craters, the Hanauma Bay has protected calm waters suited for even beginners enthusiastic about snorkeling. While the Bay has hiking trails  and an amazing beach, its flourishing marine life steals all the limelight! The preserve guards the wildlife around and is a hotspot for vividly colored tropical fish that comes to feed. Experienced snorkelers could try checking with lifeguards before stepping into its deep water ridden sea turtles, aside from other exotic marine life. Novice snorkelers can stand by the waist-deep waters along  the reef. The sandy beach with its signature horseshoe shape, has pristine clear waters.

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PinExt Honolulu Popular Travel Spots | Hawaii Ultimate Vacation

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