Hong Kong Disneyland | Theme Park Review

PinExt Hong Kong Disneyland | Theme Park Review

Hong Kong Disneyland

Innumerable magical memories are waiting for you and your family in the Hong Kong Disneyland. All theme park review agree on one thing: you will start a magical journey and have immense fun from the morning until night.

Hong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong Disneyland | Theme Park Review

With the fading sunlight, Hong Kong Disneyland comes into its own. The glowing theme park review do not provide justice to the park.

  • Tiny lights numbering in millions transform Hong Kong Disneyland into a whole new environment.
  • The center point of everything bright is the spectacular Disney Paint the Night. As per many theme park review, the spectacle is a super mix of color and music created to whet your imagination.
  • Beautiful light constellations showcase the Disney stories you love with all your heart and you will gaze in wonder.
  • If you want, you can also participate in the show. Wave your magic paintbrush and watch the changing colors of the performers in real time.

Must see attractions

For every visitor to Hong Kong Disneyland, all theme park review suggest a few attractions:

  • The Flights of Fantasy Parade that will transport you away on a celebration with the Disney characters you always wanted to spend time with. You will sing and dance along the Main Street USA. It is recommended by all theme park review.
  • Mickey’s Philharmagic where memorable moments are relieved by Donald Duck in the form of 3D animated films.
  • The Golden Mickeys is a musical show modeled on Broadway productions and features Mickey with his friends.
  • You and your family can expect a surprise visit from Goofy, Micky and Minnie in the Fantasy Gardens where they greet and meet guests. Do remember to bring your autograph book and camera.
  • You can enjoy space thrills by hopping on to the exhilarating space ride mountain. Help Buzz Lightyear in his fight against aliens in the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Jump into a boat for a ride across the beautiful globe where you will see many animated and brightly costumed dolls.

Mystic Point

This is mentioned in innumerable theme park review and is a Hong Kong Disneyland exclusive. You and your family can enjoy the latest invention of Lord Henry Mystic- the superb Mystic Magneto Electric Carriage. You can view what he collected from all over the globe. Remember, in this zone, it is not a good idea to trust the senses. Discover the real and the imaginary at one place.

Grizzly Gulch

This is another Hong Kong Disneyland exclusive. Board with your family the Mine Cars of Grizzly Mountain. Begin your journey through an amazingly beautiful wilderness landscape. Join the merriment always present in Geyser Gulch and complete the exploration with beautiful Grizzly Glitch Welcome Wagon Show. Do watch out for the naughty grizzly bears. The water hazards are very tricky too.

Toy Story Land

This is exclusive to Hong Kong and you can join the characters from your loved Toy Story films for playing in the backyard. Every member of your family can enjoy this blown up universe with its stunning three bigger than life attractions. RC Racer, the speediest toy car owned by Andy will surely pump up the adrenalin. You will race through a U-shaped coaster 27 meters in height. You can also do high-flying adventures with Parachute Drop-the Toy Soldier and laugh in merriment with the slinky dog spin.

Chef Mickey

You and your family will surely be hungry after lots of fun. Head to the Chef Mickey restaurant and enjoy a large selection of tasty international specialties for both dinner and breakfast. You can rotate among Chinese barbecue, Indian curries, Western grills and European bakes to mention a few. The desserts are irresistible as well.

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PinExt Hong Kong Disneyland | Theme Park Review

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