Guide To Johannesburg Best Attractions | South Africa

PinExt Guide To Johannesburg Best Attractions | South Africa

Attractions in Johannesburg, South Africa

The city of Johannesburg is among the most important cities in South Africa and the most populous in the country. Being one of the leading financial centers in the world, the city also attracts tourists from across the globe. The city offers visitors a varied mix of historical attractions and modern structures for a memorable trip. During your visit, make sure you check out the attractions from this list of “Johannesburg best attractions”

Johannesburg South Africa Guide To Johannesburg Best Attractions | South Africa

Apartheid Museum

The first one on the list of Johannesburg best attractions is the Apartheid Museum, which gives you a good insight into the beginning and end of segregation and oppression in South Africa. A visit to the city would be incomplete without paying a visit to this museum. When entering the museum, visitors receive a card and are allotted specific entries based on their race.

At the Apartheid Museum, you will be taken through a series of videos, audios, text, and live accounts showcasing the history of the apartheid system. You can get a clear picture of the country’s struggle to break free from the chains of apartheid and its fight for democracy. This museum earns a place in our Johannesburg best attractions list because of its honest display of the inhumane apartheid philosophy and its effects on civilization.

Museum Africa

For an insight into the history of the African continent, a visit to the Museum Africa is a must. Here, you get to explore the history of the ancient African civilization. Aside from learning about places like Kush (now Sudan) and Kemet (now Egypt), you can even get a glimpse of exhibitions about the Treason Trials of 1956-61. This museum features on our list of Johannesburg best attractions because it offers a complete display of African history – from ancient days to modern times.

Museum in Africa Guide To Johannesburg Best Attractions | South Africa

Hector Pieterson Museum

A visit to Soweto in Johannesburg calls for a visit to the Hector Pieterson Museum. Named after a 12-year old boy who was shot dead by the police during the 1976 Soweto riots, the museum commemorates the 566 people who were killed during the historic student uprising that paved the way for powerful independence movements. You can learn about the various events leading to the famous revolution and how Hector Pieterson played a significant role in the movement.

Johannesburg Zoo

Our list of Johannesburg best attractions is incomplete without the Johannesburg Zoo. Spread across 81 hectares of land, the Johannesburg Zoo is home to about 2000 animals of more than 320 different species. It was established in 1904 and now offers visitors with an insight into the interesting life of wild animals. Aside from animals like monkeys and chimpanzees, the zoo also provides a home for the ring-tailed lemur and the Sumatran orangutan

The zoo is also a safe haven for endangered species like the scimitar onyx, the white rhino, the black and white ruffled lemur, and the wattled crane. Fierce animals like the Siberian tiger, the Nile crocodile, the African hippo, the brown bear, and the puff adder are also exhibited in this zoo.

Johannesburg Zoo Africa Guide To Johannesburg Best Attractions | South Africa

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PinExt Guide To Johannesburg Best Attractions | South Africa

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