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Dresden Vacation

A Dresden vacation means immersing oneself in rich Saxon history, culture and architecture. A picturesque Elbe river and a thriving festival scene complete the image of the perfect break. This German metropolis is well-known around the globe for its love of arts and spectacular monuments. Many structures, rebuilt after the Second World War, have pushed the city to regain its once “Florence on the Elbe” title.

A Dresden vacation means more than visiting a standard capital city of Saxony. The reconstruction of wonderful historic buildings like Semperoper and Frauenkirche has made it the perfect break for people who love history and a must go destination for architecture enthusiasts. The skyline of this once East German town is still dominated by historical structures, whose beauty is a magnet for visitors both from Europe and other parts of the world.

Dresden Vacation Dresden Vacation | The Perfect Break


A must visit for every person on a Dresden vacation, it stands adjacent to Zwinger in the opulently proportionate Theaterplatz. The Semperoper or opera house was the perfect break in its day (1870 to 1878). The structure was designed by Gottfried Semper and also built by him. He chose the instantly discernible high baroque style for design. The building was constructed on a site which earlier used to house a theatre before being burned down. The Semperoper has hosted the staging of a number of Richard Wagner’s operas like The Flying Dutchman, Tannhauser and Rienzi. Richard Strauss also performed Elektra and Salome in the building. The front of the building can be identified by King Johann’s equestrian statue and also by the Carl Maria von Weber memorial. The famed composer was a musical director in the city for almost a decade (1817 to 1826).

No Dresden vacation is complete without a visit to the museums located at Dresden Castle. Take the perfect break from the modern world in this four winged Renaissance structure. It has an excellent collection of photography, drawings and prints. The excellent Green Vault has Saxon treasures like corals, precious stones, crystal and jewellery.

Zwinger Palace

A must visit for every Dresden vacation, the Zwinger Palace is a cluster of Baroque buildings unequaled in Germany. The structures are constructed around a large courtyard. The space has fountains, lawns and pools. Construction of the Zwinger Palace began from 1709. The architect was Poppelmann and he was commissioned by Augustus to create a structure which will store the collection   owned by the spendthrift monarch. For a lover of fine art, the place is the perfect break and any art aficionado will instantly relate to the pomp of the festivities and the ostentatious pageants. The list of collections includes the Gemaldegarlerie Alte Meister or Old Masters’ Gallery. This space houses a few of the world’s best paintings like:

  • Sistine Madonna drawn by Raphael
  • Porzellansammlung or porcelain collection
  • Rustkammer or armoury
  • Antique scientific instruments used by Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon or Mathematical-Physical Sciences Saloon.


This structure is a must for every Dresden vacation. It is a symbol of Germany’s economic recovery from the ravages of the Second World War. The perfect break for any lover of history, the Frauenkirche or Church of Our Lady was for many years a sad ruin until it was rebuilt using numbered stone. The reconstruction began in 1994 and painful restoration work continued until the structure was reconsecrated in the latter part of 2005. The dome contains a gilded cross donated by the Dresden Trust located in the United Kingdom. The Frauenkirche area is scheduled to be rebuilt along the standard lines, taking proper cognizance of the older irregular pattern of streets.

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PinExt Dresden Vacation | The Perfect Break

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