Cheapest Travel Spots In Europe | Guide to Budget Travel

PinExt Cheapest Travel Spots In Europe | Guide to Budget Travel

Cheapest Travel Spots in Europe

In this guide to budget travel of the historic and powerful European Union we have included a list of cheapest travel spots in Europe which should be a must on every globetrotter’s list of destinations. Home to world’s best architecture designs and geographical marvels, the only constraint for visitors from other continents is the overpriced hotels and entry fees to historical sights which restrain them from enjoying all the sights of this continent.

If you have made up your mind for a trip to Europe make a list of things you want to see and if the same are being offered by a tour operator. For the admirer of historical buildings and breathtaking natural beauty we have made a list of historical and scenic destinations.

Europe Destination Cheapest Travel Spots In Europe | Guide to Budget Travel

Transportation and accommodation 

The expense on transportation and accommodation are the highest in any travel plan so the best option would be to make an estimate of cost which will be incurred if traveling alone.

  • Train tickets > Look for deals and season tickets
  • Airfare charges > Budget airlines cost less if booked in advance
  • Bus connectivity and timings > Most of Europe is connected by buses

The best guide to budget travel within Europe will advise you to travel by stage coach buses as these are three times cheaper than train if you have ample time, and nearly ten times less expensive than airplanes. Accommodation in the cheapest travel spots in Europe is generally available through youth hostels which will be an experience in itself.

Places to explore and discover in Europe

Greece: Travel to the pristine beaches and wallow in white sands of Greece’s beautiful islands famous for its white buildings against the contrasting green mountains. Once considered a place of expensive hotels, Greece’s faltering economy is very welcoming towards tourists and is considered as one of the cheapest travel spots in Europe in the current circumstances. Historical places like Hydra, Kefallonia, Delphi, Athens and Santorini are all a must visit for a traveler.

Lisbon: In our guide to budget travel, the hilly and dramatic city of Lisbon on the border of Portugal is a must if you want to understand the essence of Europe’s turbulent past with conquerors and wars across the land. Networked with romantic trams available at bargain prices one can eat well here on few Euros and visit historical museums like Muse Coleccao Berardo for free.

Iceland: This once expensive North Atlantic island has undergone numerous economic upheavals making it one among the cheapest travel spots in Europe. Even on a tight budget you can travel and camp through the island to enjoy its beautiful landscape of Geysers, Volcanoes and Hot springs.

Istanbul: This border nation between Asia and Europe is a great place  with variety of local cuisine to whet the appetite of every hungry traveler. Its low accommodation and transportation rates make it a must see on every guide to budget travel who wishes to see historical places in Europe.

Krakow: Considered as one of the cheapest travel spots in Europe in most guidebooks, Krakow has become a preferred destination for weekend travelers in Europe as it has lowest priced bars and restaurants along with vibrant culture and social engagements.

Budapest: The capital city of Hungary has an attractive mix of castles and historical buildings along with beautiful cathedrals  and should be on every European guide to budget travel. Tourists looking for bargains should book in hostels or home-stays as hotels near the river are a little expensive.

If a would be traveler to Europe would go through this list they would be disappointed that most famous  cities of the continent like London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and Venice have not been mentioned. Since these cities are unfavorably expensive for a budget traveler and would not fit for a person or persons looking for a hop/skip and jump travel mode to view several things in one go these have not been included.

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PinExt Cheapest Travel Spots In Europe | Guide to Budget Travel

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