Best Winter Escapes In The United States

PinExt Best Winter Escapes In The United States

Best Winter Escapes In The United States

Ahh! Winter, a time to bring out those comfy woolen socks, build “abominable” snowmen and have a cup of that delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows. Winter is also the time to head out on a spectacular winter vacation. While there are many places around the world, that can be your winter escapes, there is no greater winter wonderland than the United States of America.

Home to numerous winter vacation spots, the USA takes the cake when it comes to ice and snow. A combination of the perfect views, good people and even better food welcomes wanderers of all types.

So, if you’re planning a winter vacation to the United States, adding these places to your itinerary will make your holiday that much more special.

 Best Winter Escapes In The United States Best Winter Escapes In The United States


Ice, Spice & Everything Nice

The thing about the USA is that there is something for everybody. Whether you want an adventure filled trek or a relaxing road trip, you’re bound to find winter escapes that suit your tastes and interests. Here is a list of places that you need to visit and things you need to do if you’re bound the US way:

Road Trip Down Oregon’s Scenic Coastline

The 363-mile coastline in Oregon is a visual treat for visitors. Magnificent snow-covered mountains, desolate plateaus and awe-inspiring winter storms make Oregon an exciting vacation spot. The Shore Acres State Park and the Ecola State Park are just two of the 79 state parks that punctuate the Oregon landscape. This is the perfect place to explore the United States’ spectacular coral wildlife.

Utah – The Land Of The Stargazers

Park City. Sounds familiar, right? It’s probably because you’ve heard this place mentioned when someone talks about the famous Sundance Film Festival. Of all the winter escapes you could choose for your vacation, this is a must-visit for those interested in all types of stargazing. Whether you wish to catch a glimpse of your favorite Hollywood actor or watch out for a rare meteor shower, Utah’s Park City is the perfect vacation spot for people seeking glamor and lights on their holiday.

Hot Springs Of New Mexico

The Navajo Nation of New Mexico can get pretty chilly during peak winter and this makes it the ideal time to visit their famous hot springs. Hundreds of geothermal mineral springs dot the moody landscapes of New Mexico, many of them owned by luxurious spa resorts. After visiting the ancient sandstone villages of Navajo Nation on horseback, spend some quality, relaxing time with your loved ones in one of the mineral hot springs. What a perfect way to end the perfect day.

Whale Watching In Hawaii

Late autumn is when humpback whales begin their momentous journey from the frigid waters of the North Pacific, down to the warmth of Hawaii’s Kauai. For animal enthusiasts, this is the ideal time to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures up close and personal. Humpback whales move south for breeding and you’re sure to catch a glimpse of mothers and babies frolicking in the water. Be sure to include whale watching in your winter vacation; this will certainly be an experience you’ll never forget.

Train Ride Through Alaska

Of all the winter escapes in the USA, Alaska is sure to be at the top of any winter adventurer’s list. As dangerous, as it is spectacular, Alaska is home to some of the most majestic mountains in the world. A train ride on the Alaska Railroad will give way to magnificent views of dazzling skies and exotic wildlife. Mountaineering expeditions are another way to get in touch with your wild side.

Adventure Sports In Jackson, Wyoming

If adventure is what you seek, Alaska isn’t your only choice. Jackson, Wyoming offers visitors the perfect winter vacation. As far as winter escapes go, Jackson is the perfect place for activities such as skiing, rock climbing, mountaineering, snow mobile riding and ice skating. If you want to experience the elk population of Wyoming, why not take a ride through the beautiful National Elk Refuge?

The United States offers multiple winter escapes for families and adventure enthusiasts alike. When it comes to planning your winter vacation, make sure you include the USA in your list. You won’t regret doing so.

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PinExt Best Winter Escapes In The United States


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