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One of the most common problems facing global travellers is how to deal with a sudden illness, accident or other health emergency in a foreign country. Illness not only presents a danger to travellers but results in unexpected cost, lost opportunities and an inability to complete activities. Travellers need to consider some simple precautions to guarantee a safe and memorable journey. Illnesses can be avoided with modern, safe and effective vaccinations and a clear understanding of other important preventative measures. A visit to Vaccinations for Travel before your trip can certainly help ensure that your journey will be remembered for all the right reasons!

Vaccine The Best Time To Get Vaccination


When traveling overseas people must visit their doctor and advise what kind of vaccination is required. Vaccination always give you a protection against diseases. Before you travel, a personal medication kit must be prepared. You should start having your standard medication ready. For starters, your kit should have general medication for fever, flu, cold, and diarrhea. If you have special prescription medication, such as for asthma and migraine, do remember to bring extra. And take along a written prescription of the medicine’s name and also its alternative. You should research on alternatives that will provide you the same relief as well. This is important because bear in mind that not every country will carry the particular medication you are taking. More often than not, they will have an equivalent medication you can use. So, do some homework on that and if you aren’t sure then it’s best to check with your local pharmacist and doctor.

Additional Health Tips

tap water1 254x300 The Best Time To Get VaccinationThere has a high chance of getting food poisoning while traveling, especially if you travel through developing countries. Be careful with all Foods and Drinks. Water is most often contaminated with virus and bacteria in foreign country, if you have a weak stomach, you have to be extra careful with not only what you put in your mouth but also with what you use.

Many times, we forget to ensure our utensils are clean. Also be diligent about your hands being clean before grabbing some yummy delights off your friend’s plates!

  • Never eat cut fruits sold by the roadside vendors. Always eat fruits you can peel. Wash the fruits properly with water well before eating them. Wash all fresh fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating them.
  • Boil water before drinking or washing if you are staying in an area where water is not properly treated.
  • It’s safe to say that you should skip the ice cubes. If in doubt, avoid uncooked foods and anything that might contain tap water, including soft drinks. If food is served at room temperature, particularly buffet style, and you don’ know how long the food has been sitting out, skip it.
  • Eat hot or very cold foods instead and try to avoid spicy dishes, especially in the initial stages of your travel.

Don’t Overdo Things. Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, and avoid extreme heat or cold. You don’t have to see every single monument or museum in every city or country you visit! It’s far better to travel at a relaxed pace and enjoy your trip.

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