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When you travel to Japan, you must visit Rengejo-In Temple, Mount Koya, JapanThis traditional Buddhist Temple gives travelers a chance to escape the metropolitan throng, RENGEJO-IN Temple located near the Mount Koya cable car station and sits quietly atop Mt Koya in a region forming the centre of Japan’s Shingon Buddhism sect. It has site of sacred pilgrimage for over 1000 years and was added to Unesco’s World Heritage list in 2004.

Rengejo-in has interesting temple architecture, a traditional Japanese garden, and 46 Japanese-style guest rooms. Rengejo-in provides shared baths for both women and men, and “shojin-ryori” or Buddhist Monk vegetarian meals are served to the guests. After breakfast, there is also a Japanese/English lecture about the history of Mt Koya and Buddhism. The temple holds twice daily meditation with an ethos of spiritual illumination.

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