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Traditionally a Christian holiday, Christmas in many countries is now also a celebration of the secular part of the holiday, with lots of shopping, entertainment, Christmas lights, and Santa showing up in full furs despite the fact that some are smack in the middle of the tropics. South east Asia has so much to offer in terms of December holidays.

In Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, and other Asia metropolitan cities, Thailand simply offers it all to travelers in a neat, great-value package, whether you’re an independent budget backpacker wanting to explore off the beaten track, or a well-heeled tourist looking for an exclusive slice of paradise. Thailand has been on the international backpacker beat for decades now, and while backpackers are making the most of ever-increasing budget flights to Thailand, these days luxury travelers bolster the numbers too.

Each year many people travel to asia from all over the world head to Bangkok for business and travel, especially in November through April which is the high season in Thailand. All accommodations tend to be fully booked during that period. For your convenience, you should plan ahead and make your reservations at least a few months in advance.

There are many accommodation options in Bangkok. If you are looking for a big, high quality and affordable hotel.

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