Top 5 Best Restaurants In Oslo, Norway

PinExt Top 5 Best Restaurants In Oslo, Norway

Restaurants In Oslo, Norway

Norwegian capital Oslo is the capital of the north of the road. The city’s character as the Nordic straightforward, thorough and imaginative.  Ancient times, a huge glacier that overwhelmed a little bit of mountain sink, eventually connected with the formation of today’s marine harbour.  South of Oslo harbour Ebuliege area is an excellent place for viewing can take the liner is to swim in the harbour. The northernmost pier, designed turned into open-air fish market. I do not know because the fish market to attract or harbor natural features of the Oslo harbourbirds can be regarded as the world, very far away can hear the bird sounds.

Norway food and other Nordic food culture rich cities, small, taste very much the characteristics of small restaurants, fresh fish and shrimp fishing offshore production of food is very popular, you can taste unique to the local sweet cheese.

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5 Best Oslo, Norway Restaurants

  1. Brasserie 45- Situated on the first floor of Stortingsgaten 20 – one of the best locations in the centre of Oslo, and a mere stone’s throw from the National Theatre, the Royal Palace, the National Gallery, the City Hall and many other attractions. In these surroundings, we serve delicious continental food, made from the freshest high-quality ingredients. Our prices are probably the most reasonable in the centre of town.The location, atmosphere, food and prices are ideally suited to busy people, such as those going to or returning from the cinema or theatre, good friends, business people, and families. The quality of service is very important , and they can also prepare special menus and dishes on request.
  2. Oro Restaurant and Bar Oro – was reopened in April 2009 by former Bocuse d`Or winner Terje Ness. Oro Bar &Grill is one of the two Norwegian restaurant who has received a “Bib gourmand” from Michelin. There are currently two units; Oro bar and grill is the place for a good lunch, dinner, and bar experience. They go for a simple and honest menu with the best ingredients. Their philosophy is to provide their guests with tastes, choices, fast service and quality . In the evening Oro Bar and Grill becomes the place for adults with good music and good atmosphere. Oro Restaurant is known for excellent food to suit most budgets. Oro Restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere suitable for business dinners or a romantic dinner for two. In short, Oro is a place for everyone. Enjoy some of the best food Oslo has to offer. At Oro they even have two amazing chambree separee that can seat up to 40 people.
  3. Grand Cafe – On ground floor with windows to the Karl Johan Street in Oslo lies the famous restaurant Grand Café, steeped in tradition and one of the city’s great meeting places since Henrik Ibsen’s days. Back when Oslo was called Kristiania, our world-famous dramatist, Henrik Ibsen, would take a daily stroll down to the Grand Café to lunch with some of the most famous writers, artists, academics and diplomats of the day. The restaurant opened in 1874, and quickly became a favoured venue for the capital’s cultured bourgeoisie.  There is still a sense of history about the Grand Café.  But time has not stood still.  While we cherish our memories, we do not live in the past. Today, the Grand Café is a breakfast restaurant, a hectic and popular lunch venue for busy business people, and an “in” place in the evening.  It is both popular and elegant at the same time. The Grand Café Bar & Lounge are perfect for pre-theatre drinks and a snack afterwards.
  4. Theatre Cafeen - Exuberant and bustling, lively and unique. Part of Norwegian cultural history and an absolute must for every visitor to Oslo. Our legendary Vienna-style café is featured on the New York Times list of the world’s ten most famous cafés, and has indisputably been the city’s most popular dining and meeting place for over 100 years. Theatercaféen satisfies a secret craving to be surrounded by opulence. Although you feel absolutely welcome there, you never feel so much at home that you forget where you are. And you enjoy it to the utmost! This is the stuff that the great European cafés are made of. And this is what constitutes the irresistible magic of Theatercaféen. Theatercaféen have Oslo’s finest private room or chambre séparée for 38 guests – a perfect venue for a private dinner party, a small celebration, or breakfast and lunch meetings. In the evening, their new eatery- and bar will be an ideal meeting place for the guests to relax with a drink before and after dinner. If you would like to book a table, e-mail at, or use our online booking service at They will be taking bookings all summer and will be very happy to answer any questions you may have.
  5. Magma Bar & Restaurant – Situated on the west of the town, Magma Bar & Restaurant is famous for its Mediterranean cuisine. A bright, casual and romantic dining place, the restaurant serves Brunch, Lunch and Dinner. Pan-fried skate, spit-roasted partridge, and Provençal-braised lamb shank are the most popular dishes of the place. There is also live Jazz music during brunch hours.

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