Amsterdam Hottest Travel Spots | What’s On In Amsterdam

PinExt Amsterdam Hottest Travel Spots | Whats On In Amsterdam

Hottest Travel Spots to Visit While at Amsterdam

There is truly no end to Amsterdam hottest travel spots. While on a holiday here, you need not even ask the question what’s on in Amsterdam, as there is always something in the city lovingly known as the Venice of the North. This capital city has impressive architecture and 1,500 bridges that connect the urban areas.

Answering the question what’s on in Amsterdam never a problem. There is always something interesting to do while visiting this city. There is a long list of Amsterdam hottest travel spots that you must visit. Here are a few things you can do while leisurely exploring the city.

Amsterdam Amsterdam Hottest Travel Spots | Whats On In Amsterdam

  • Explore the riches of Amsterdam’s ancient and medieval past: Visit one of Amsterdam hottest travel spots, the Amsterdam Museum. Formerly the Amsterdam Historisch Museum, it exhibits in detail the past eight centuries of evolution of urban areas. After you finish viewing the many attractions of the museum, jump over to the Museum Ons’ Heer op Solder (translated: Our Lord in the Attic). It is a beautiful church that was hidden in the Red Light area of the city and is now restored to all its 17th century splendor. Finish your day by visiting the Joods Historisch Museum located in the erstwhile Jewish part of the city.
  • Enjoy a picnic like the locals do: Believe it or not, one of Amsterdam hottest travel spots is a picnic area, the Vondelpark. It is the largest open green area in the city and is the place to listen to what’s on in Amsterdam. The park is considered a hub of Dutch culture and has a number of sculptures. There is one by Picasso. If you visit anytime between June and September, you can enjoy the dance and music activities that take place frequently in the park.

amsterdam vondelpark Amsterdam Hottest Travel Spots | Whats On In Amsterdam

  • Visit the city beyond the postcard views: Amsterdam hottest travel spots are synonymous with cheese, windmills, clogs, and tulips. But if you want to really know what’s on in Amsterdam, visit the Zaanse Schans museum. It documents the symbolism and history of the clog and also many other craft traditions. Love tulips? Buy lots of them at the Bloenmarket. If you are a cheese connoisseur, do visit the Reypenaer tasting room. The famous De Gooyer windmill is adjacent and is a wonderful place to drink some good beer. The artisan brewery Brouwerij’t IJ is just next door.
  • Ride a bicycle: Bicycles have an important place in Dutch history. They played a vital role in the suffragette movement and is a favorite of artists. Many artists use them as a kind of political symbol. Bicycles can be found on hire from many places scattered throughout the city. Cycle lanes are present and connect the city zones. You can also book yourself a guided city cycle tour.
  • Feast on a raw herring: If you are in Amsterdam, you must eat a raw herring. Quality fish stalls are everywhere. But the best place is Stubbe’s Haring near Centraal Station. Eating one completes the Dutch culinary experience.

So if you plan a visit to this place and are curious as to what’s on in Amsterdam, these couple of things to do while on your visit will surely guarantee a memorable and fun holiday.

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PinExt Amsterdam Hottest Travel Spots | Whats On In Amsterdam

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