Adelaide Night Market | Explore Adelaide City

PinExt Adelaide Night Market | Explore Adelaide City

Explore Adelaide City

Unlike many cities, there will be no navigational problems when you want to explore Adelaide City. If you visit this charming Australian metropolis from October to March, then do drop in at the Adelaide Night Market.

Adelaide city Adelaide Night Market | Explore Adelaide City

Adelaide Night Market

A visit to the Adelaide Night Market is a must when you spend a couple of days in the metropolis. A fixture when you explore Adelaide City, the charming trading place springs up on the North Terrace on the last Sunday of every month from October to March. Only in December, it is held in the middle of the month to avoid the New Year or Christmas events. You get to enjoy plenty of different foods, listen to a broad range of music and walk through a constellation of interesting stalls.

The Adelaide Night Market is worth more than a leisurely evening stroll. You can explore Adelaide City in this microcosm of the city. The easy atmosphere and the wonderfully delicious scents of the fresh food add to the contentment. Other than the food vans, stall holders scattered across the venue also sell their wares. There is a wide range of products to buy: from candles to jewellery and from napkins to T-shirts. If you wish to relax, you can do so at the grassy areas found throughout the venue. There are more than enough places to relax. You can listen to some excellent music or just see the kids play.

The visitor to the Adelaide Night Market can select from a wide selection of cuisine gathered from around the globe. You can find a diverse range of food from Malaysian soup dishes to hearty Argentinian meat based snacks. The market is encouraged by the government and has great appeal for those who love to explore Adelaide City with children. The location of this event is perfectly safe for younger citizens. The Adelaide Night Market starts from 4pm and closes after 8pm.

Adelaide City attractions

For visitors who want to explore Adelaide City, the attractions can be broadly classified into two divisions: grand old structures and parks.

  • Adelaide Railway Station - It was constructed in 1856. The principal feature is its Great Hall. The things to see are the Corinthian columns, marbled floor and the domed ceiling. The Adelaide casino now holds territory over the upper floors of the station.
  • Adelaide Town Hall – Another must see fixture when you explore Adelaide City, the town hall was inaugurated in 1866. This building has a classic portico and houses a stunning tower. The interiors are equally grand. Classical music concerns are held at this venue.
  • Armory and barracks - These are excellent examples of British colonial architecture. The place quartered the Australian army starting from 1857 and ending at 1870.
  • Bonython Hall - It is a part of University of Adelaide. The uniqueness of this hall is its sloping floor. This design was done on the insistence of Sir Langdon Bonython, the namesake benefactor. He was a Methodist and wanted to stop any dancing on the premises.
  • Edmund Wright House – Some of Adelaide’s grandest buildings were designed and built by Wright, including the GPO and Parliament House. The Edmund Wright House was finished in 1878 and the client was Bank of South Australia.
  • Himeji Gardens - It is created with cooperation of Himeji, the sister city of Adelaide. This garden is a mix of Japanese classical styles.
  • Bonython Park - This has a distinct native style. Birds are plentiful, which are attracted by the river. It is an excellent picnic area and has a playground for children to play.

Other than the preceding attractions, there are also Rymill Park and Veale Gardens. An out of towner can also visit the Old Adelaide Fruit and Produce Exchange, an old wholesale market.

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PinExt Adelaide Night Market | Explore Adelaide City

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